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Application modernization services address the migration of legacy in to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to the business

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Technology Refresh: We help software companies modernize their technology and platform through our technology refresh process. This may involve a full migration path to new technology stack with full technology redevelopment. The refresh may involving extending the product capabilities to work with new technologies. We can help create wrappers or Services around core software products.

User Experience: Software products need new user experience which needs to be periodically. The re-skinning is not only superficial but requires a deeper technology understanding to deliver a working solution. We provide both re-skinning as well as UI refresh product to extend it to new devices, platforms and users.

Mobile Development: We've developed software doe our customers to help them get on mobile platforms. The development is not restricted to mobile platform or devices but involves the ecosystem integration with other users and applications, from Attractive UI to best In Performance.

Cloud: With change in revenue models software companies are adopting cloud technologies. We have helped companies to extend their software to cloud or rewrite products to be developed and deployed from cloud. We are adept across all the major cloud platforms and technologies.

BITSPL's Application Modernization service enables organizations to develop cohesive and forward-thinking strategies to create customized application modernization roadmaps. We help our clients define target architecture options and transform them to achieve increased agility and profitability.

We enable organizations to:

  • Achieve business agility by aligning business and IT goals.
  • Shift focus from non-strategic applications and streamline essential ones to create an integrated enterprise application portfolio.
  • Regain control of application portfolio and reduce complexity for renewed focus on innovation.
  • Improve processes, create new markets, and retain customers.
  • Reduce operational costs and stay compliant while responding in near real time to market demands.
  • Get a competitive edge with agile, cost-efficient, and responsive IT solutions.


Happiest Minds custom application strategies are designed to make your applications more efficient and responsive. We enable faster time to market by integrating and transforming business operating platforms. Our focus on your specific business requirements lead to improvements in usability, functionality, and accessibility of current systems.

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